trade and wanted section?


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What do you think, can we start a section where members can perhaps list what they really are looking for, and what they have they are willing to trade?
if we do it on this part of the forum though, i think it may get too congested?



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Rob, Great idea! I need some place to find Crotons that are not found in the "Box Stores"


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Every spring, I host a Swap-A-Que down here in Boca Raton. Folks come from all over the state, bringing plants of all types, and they swap with each other. Many of the swaps are arranged in advance on the GardenWeb Florida Forum, but there's a lot of "hey, I've got this and you've got that" type swapping that happens on the fly.

The Que part of the day is me cooking pulled pork and brisket and everyone else bringing a side dish, appetizer, drink, dessert, or whatever. Since I only grow Crotons, I usually have 20 or 30 of them in 1- and 3-gallon cans that I just give away. I also walk around with clippers, offering Croton cuttings to those who want to grow their own.

You guys are more than welcome to join in.