Today's Blooms

Angela, This is a really nice thread on Blooms here you started. I had never really thought of Hibiscus with so many color choices. I am amazed to say the least.
and a new one made it's way to my garden this weekend. Img_4979.jpg
blanket-like for all your blooms, Angela. It's weekend, it's raining and nothing blooms, except snow queen who is outside and blooms being squished by rain :( I'll throw in the ones from last week

Two new arrivals that had buds when I got them: Tahitian Bronze Radiance and Creme de Cacao (YEY!!)
TahitianBronzeRadiance_2014_1.JPG Creme_de_Cacao_2014_1.JPG

newly arrived Hot Ticked, 'old' Powdered Sugar

HotTicket_2014_1.JPG PowderedSugar_2014_1.JPG

two and a half year old seedling, the cross is New Idea x Mango Chutney.
It's a beautiful bloom, but I'm having mixed feelings, I was hoping for a bit more mango chutney-influence there.
Guess I'll have to wait how it develops during summer, it has tiny speckles, maybe those will get more.

NewIdea_x_MangoChutney_2014_1a.JPG NewIdea_x_MangoChutney_2014_1b.JPG