Ti plant comeback.


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Its taken two years to recover from near death. Eaten by snails,kept in shade...I learned they like sun and it has grown so much,3" sticks to now. What it is I have long forgotten. The plant does have neon pink in the new leafs.
Snails have to be the worst enemy of Ti Plants. I can remember that at times in SoCal there would be snail population explosions. And if you didn't protect the Ti Plants, they would be half gone in 2 days - literally that fast.

But here in Hawaii we use the green leaves to cook in and on - so it's not only snails that dine on them.
I just this week lost two containers of new sprouts I assumed it was snails....they were just month old seedlings, and I had them up off the ground in a seemingly safe area... just hated to see it. But the culprits were found in the holes at the bottom of adjoining pots.... they were dealt with accordingly. I was particularly coddling of these tender succulent morsels..... was really looking foward to them growing out to see the potential variations. One container had seeds of Oahu and I was particularly interested in seeing them thrive.

Hey Dean, do you know was Oahu means in hawiian? The snails were tiny little buggers.!
Ahhhh.... looked it up, Oahu == a gathering place...
What's THIS?..Its the hardiest colorful Ti I have tried. Even the stems have some small girth. No pink to leaves ever..just this dark burgundy. If those in the bay area want to try a Ti- this is one of the best.