Re: SPECIES ZONE SCALE 2B: The Pigmy Date Zone

What is the status of the zone scale? There seem to be relatively few species listed. I was looking for Dypsis baronii, for example, and don't see it. Is this concept alive? It seems like there used to be a much larger number of palms listed in the various zones.

Also, I have no idea how this came to show up as a discussion thread when I was just hunting around, but since it's here with my name on it, I thought I'd ask the question.
Re: SPECIES ZONE SCALE 2B: The Pigmy Date Zone


I don't think anyone is working on this project at all. At least as far as I can tell no one has done anything.

It would be nice if someone wanted to take it under their wing and try to organize it. We have plenty of info, here and at PalmTalk. But I'm not in the frame of mind to be thinking of cold hardiness anymore, so it probably won't be me. I've got other things going on.

When you click the "Discussion" tab on a wiki page, the software creates a forum topic page under the "Wiki Article Discussion" category. I'm sure you remember how awkward it was to try and carry on a discussion using the wiki discussion format. The whole reason for the upgrade was to integrate an easier and more intuitive way to discuss a wiki page, article, or project. One of these days it even may catch on. :)