Some interesting Thai crotons listed on Ebay.


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I would not recommend anyone buying these as they are almost certain to croak even if they survive the journey here,but they do have some interesting varieties to look at.Just go to Ebay and type in Thai croton.
Im trying to bring in cuttings of 'Red Dragon' from Java. Importing can be done, but it isn't going to be easy. Can never seem to get a straight answer from USDA. Not sure it's worth the expense. I think you could buy Crotons from this person in Thailand but check and see what USDA requires first and see if shipper is willing to comply.
Dean - Thai crotons, i.e., those imported directly from Thailand, have a notoriously low survival rate when grown in most places in Florida. Dave Hickman (?) imported a load of them some years back. The ones I purchased from him never seemed to grow out of the coir dust rooting medium. Our cool/cold winters do not help either; it may be hot and humid in the summer but it is not Bangkok either with its year round warmth and humidity. I suspect that they would grow quite well in the warm and rainy parts of Hawaii which do not experience the seasonal temperature and humdity variations that much of Florida experiences.
I am sure that they will do just fine in Hawaii.I have posted this some other thread,but I know a gentleman who brought in 100 Thai varieties around 8 years ago.He lost 50% almost immediately,Over the next 6 years attrition brought him down to around 20 healthy varieties.Then came winter of 2009 which then dropped him to around 10.Right now he is down to 3-5 healthy growers and 2-4 limping along.A survival rate of only 5-10% ,and that is here in South Florida.The Thai varieties are spectacular but I think they need minimum temps in the 60's or most suffer badly.It cant be rain because we tons of that in Florida,it must be our winter temps that does em in.

Are you saying these will croak when grown anywhere outside of Thailand? What about Hawaii?
Thanks for the feedback.

So - Andy, I'll chip in if you want to try arranging some imports. They are too cool not to give them a try. It wouldn't be the first plants I've killed pushing the envelope. :)
@Dean...I'm still trying to get an answer from a humanoid at USDA if it's doable. In my former life I was an Aviculturist and imported birds from Europe so I know it's best to get answers from actual people in addition to following instructions on USDA website. I'm pretty our survival rates would be better than Fl due to our lack of cold. On an unrelated topic....are you going on the palm tour this Sun?