Share your blooms!!

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Come on everyone, post your blooms!
This is Wild Allure
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image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg It's been raining for the last three hours so all these blooms I'm going to post from today are probably ruined.

Midsummer Night, a weird Curly Top (wish it was a sport but probably just affected by the nearly two weeks of darkness & 10+ inches of rain) and Prosperity
wow! your white is beautiful - I recently got 'Ghost' I hope its the white one from HVH, can't wait for it to bloom. And I discovered that Jolanda Gommer seems to be a hell of a grower - she arrived with her growth tip broken off, so I figured, ok, no blooms this year... now, approximately a month after I got her I checked and there were two new branches, both with buds!!

enough of the gibberish - here are some blooms:
Classic_Apricot_2014_1.JPG Chinatown_2014_1.JPG Luna_x_Chinatown_2014_1.JPG Creme_de_Cacao_2014_3.JPG ChocolateDelight_2014_3.JPG
Classic Apricot, Chinatown, pathetic first-of-this-year-bloom of Luna x Chinatown, Creme de Cacao and Chocolate Delight
That white one was bought here as "Milky Way" so who knows what it is really. I like the color of your seedling bloom. Richard Johnson said it can take up to three years for a seedling's bloom to stabilize... Geesh!
I really want a Jolanda Gommer, hope I can get one someday!