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I've been going through past pages of the forum trying to learn so I don't become a complete nuisance to all of you. I ran across a post from Jeff where he showed a mesh bag over an inflorescence with seeds. Yesterday I was going past my Raphael when I noticed a couple of inflorescences that had formed seeds! I had never noticed this on any crotons in the past. I touched them and a few fell in my hands. I laid them on the counter and this morning there were oval dark brown seeds with crescent shaped hulls scattered around the kitchen counter and floor! Without my glasses I assumed my DH had tracked dirt or pollen in the house, but when I went to pick them up I realized what they were. I'm so excited to have seeds to experiment with. Especially of Raphael, one of my favorites. Of course, I have questions.

Do crotons self-pollinate or is there usually a different pollen parent? There is a cluster of Mrs. Iceton next to Raphael so, being partial to pinks and having a lot of shade, I am dreaming of beautiful pink seedlings that do very well in shade. Also, I planted the seeds in pro-mix, about the depth of a seed. Is that the right thing to do? Thanks!

Crotons rarely, if ever, reproduce true from seed even if croton A pollinated another croton A. Good thing you planted them promptly since croton seed does not remain viable very long. I've been told about a month. Let us know how they progress.
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