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putu enjula

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Here is this year's harvest so far and there are more crosses on the way! image.jpg
For those who are not familiar with hibiscus hybridizing... the first name is that of the mother plant or pod parent, the second is the name of the father or pollinator plant.
How great that you're doing this. Hibiscus rarely set seed outdoors in California and so you may be a source for people who cannot cross hibiscus for themselves. Good luck in this adventure.
What varieties have you found make good pod parents? I see you have used All Aglow on many of your crosses. I used to have All Aglow many years ago. Is it a good bloomer? I can't remember if it was.
I haven't seen the results yet of any of those crosses... they will all be different. I just cross whoever is blooming at the time and hope for the best!
Here is an updated list of available seeds!

White Hot x Purple Pashmina*
Picante x UNK
Persian Rug x UNK
Grand Hyatt x UNK
Antique Treasure x Gabriel
Antique Treasure x Black Dragon
Wild Allure x UNK
White Hot x Antique Treasure
All Aglow x Antique Treasure
Antique Treasure x Delta Dawn
Delta Dawn x Antique Treasure