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I think we should set up a seedlings section in the Wiki as a place to store all these great seedling photos in one area.

I'm thinking Sergey's little beautys...
Marie's Tangerine Twist...
Chris's beautiful babies...
and others...

What say y'all?
I think it's a good idea. Some of my seedlings, Dr. Seuss and In the Pink, are already out there in other collectors' gardens.
Dr. Seuss.jpgDr. Seuss (2).jpg
Great idea, Peyton!

Marie, could you share a picture of Dr. Seuss here?

Sergey, here are a couple of pictures. When the leaves are fully mature, they will show flecks of red.
Keith, if there's a Seedling Section in the WIKI, would you allow your seedlings to be posted? You have so many beauties.
I would love that, but someone would have to take the pictures and post them, because I dont know how.---Ray ???
Seedlings, seedlings...seedlings everywhere, some good, some bad, some I hate to care. But it sure is fun! I just threw out a batch the other day. They just didn't seem to have the potential of the others in the group and space is at a premium. I thought later I probably should have given them away 'cause sometimes after a couple of years you find one that is good. Next time I'll pose that question. I only grow those I cross, the others are on their own. And it would be nice to see what everybody has out there. It was nice seeing yours Sergey, and Keith it woud be nice to see yours. Jeff has them everywhere and I've heard of many good ones in the Keys (Jerry). Marie I'll be seeing you soon. And if Ron would get on the ball and start with some of his....
Chris, I know what your talking about. I just dumped about 400 4 inch pots of seedlings. I kept about 100 to grow out more. I have about 4 or 500 hundred more from this year already. Other things are taking my time now, I went back to my other addiction
I used to have-- collecting bromeliads [ neoregelias ]
I must have at least 50 seedlings in the ground, growing wherever they started.
Picture 1 - a group of 12
Picture 2 - closeup of one that's repeated elsewhere in the garden
Picture 3 - directly across the path from #2
Picture 4 - Roy Harper. Very slow grower, but this one was moved to this location.
Picture 5 - across from a Rudy Bachmann
Picture 6 - Erica's Party


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Here's a four-foot tall seedling that is probably from Ronald Reagan. Next two pictures show a seedling that popped up from Thea (that's Thea in picture #2.) I call it Thea's Daughter.


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Keith...Hope you don't get too far away from the crotons. What happened with the ti plants you were going to get? They're quite colorful too. And bromeliads are nice. I had a collection of them once myself. Still have a few around.
Peyton, I think it's a good idea. It's nice to see what's out there. A lot of my plants lost color this winter but fertilizing is pushing new growth that seems to have them coloring up. I'll get more pictures when that happens. I'm taking first airlayers off some of the seedlings now. We could also show a progression with pics when small to the final outcome. Just thought of a name for the section. Great Expectations!
Chris, the ti plants are coming along nice. I will have to haul in some dirt to the back of my yard before I plant them because it is low out there. Ive had bromeliads a long time now, but my interest has peeked lately--just bought 100 different neos.!!!