School me on Thai Crotons


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A nursery in my town has thai crotons. They look different than the landscaping crotons I'm used to, they're more pastel in color and only get a few feet tall. Apparently they're good for indoor, and can't take much sun.

I tried asking for more info but the nursery couldn't give me any. Are thai crotons a different species? Or just a particular group of cultivars? There really isn't much info on google, it seems thai croton isn't a common name, what else are they called?
Thai crotons are just more varieties of Codieaum variegatum. Most prefer lots of light - some even full sun - to color up along with high humidity and warmth. Central Florida in the winter is not Bangkok. Many have tried them without great success. David Hickman imported a lot of them back in 2010 or 2011; I bought about six and none are left. I'll leave most of these to folks with green houses. They are spectacular to look at but difficult to grow in other than year round tropical conditions. There's a few books out there on Thai crotons in Thai and English. Check ABE.
Hey thank you. I did search, but nothing came up on the first page. I went a few pages deeper just now and saw some good stuff. It's actually a lot harder to find them for sale at nurseries. Are there any very popular cultivars I should be asking for?
I have a few as well that seem to be holding up pretty well. Twist and Point, Twist and Turn, Green Dragon, Black Thai, Bowl of Gold, and a Thai Hybrid I got from Jose. I believe full sun and plenty of water are the key things they need to do well, from what I was told. I would get more if I could find them.