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Wide shot of the same plant in the wiki and one from Ocho Rios, Jamaica - at least 8 feet tall.


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Same plant, at least to most of us. This is one of those Crotons where it appears it was given two different names very early on. There's even a Satan and an Irene Kingsley in The Book. Again, many of us believe they are the same. I think it was Jesse Durko who called it "Irene Kingsley, the Satanic Bitch".

My original cutting, by the way, came from the Satan that Jessie photographed for The Book.
I've recently seen something that someone bought as Satan, had it about 6 years, is extremely slow, grew less than 2 feet.
It also looks identical to the Satan in the book.
The one on the left (above) is three cuttings from my original plant that really looks unimpressive. The leaves are mostly long and oblong at this point. Even this one doesn't have leaves that look as good as the shot in the book. But again, most of my Crotons are in deep shade.