Sabal uresana


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Here is a picture of my 5 yr old S. uresana. The blue coloration is becoming more prominent. As you can see by the picture two plants are growing side by side, I will more than likely cut out the smaller of the two palms.


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Scott thats great growth and a great palm, I recently germinated some seeds and had about 10% come up albino, hopeing maybe some get some chlorophyll and turn variegated, anyone else experience this with S. uresana?
I've got some three gallon uresana they have tolerated the florida weather better than the pumos. I think pumos prefers a more montane climate. I am going to plant both of these out none the less. It's good to see Scott's doing well in the ground after a few years. I was also recently gifted nearly thirty mauritiiformis seedlings from a neighbor. They are awesome. -Justin
I've been growing these for a couple of years now, and I'm just amazed on how silver/blue they are as a small, 1 gallon size plant. They really do have great color for such a small palm.