Robert Lavalois


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Is the Croton "Robert Lavalois" known to be a wimp to cold air? In the last few days 30% leaf drop is noted. This is the ony Croton that I have seen any leaf drop on so far.
Mine are very small - about 15" tall - and on the south side of the garden. But no leaf drop on them or any of my Crotons. All the leaves that came off, were blown off by the wind. The majority of my damage is always on the north and west side of the garden where the wind comes ripping across the pond.
Has anyone confirmed that RL is a Mortii sport? I saw a Mortii near my home that had what looked like RL sporting near the base. The leaves are the same color and both have pinkish/red petioles.
I would believe it, Morti is the worse croton I ever had for mites, and the RL I just got from Moose is full of mites. I have sprayed that plant 3 or 4 times already. [it was bug- free from Moose ]