R. rivularis move


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This weekend I am going to move a small Majesty Palm about 1 foot from where its planted now. It will need more room than it has now, being bound on 2 sides by a patio.

Any tips to help me not kill this poor thing. I could replace it for about 10 bucks, but that is not the point. I want to test my skills (always, I think) on this little guy (he's only about 3 feet tall but has 7 fronds) I am assuming more root ball than might be expected.

I don't think you have too much to worry about, or need to do anything special. A Majesty that size should be pretty easy I would think. However, I don't have any first hand knowledge.

The warmer the weather the better. But it's been fairly nice there, hasn't it?
It should be in the mid 50s with scattered clouds/showers.

My challenge will be to get most of the roots which may have grown under the concrete patio....my thought is to go low and uproot from below.
I think the best thing you could do, especially with this palm, is don't let it dry out. Err on the side of too much water if you have any kind of drainage. Remember "Rivularis" means "river." :D
These things move easy! But I would do it in April when higher soil temps will prompt new root growth. Cool soils invite fungus to damaged roots too.