Potted Petra survives SF bay area winter and two summers so far..


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It and one other were looking good on my porch until March..then the wife for some reason "watered" them with gray water she had in a pail..it killed a Angel wing type that was in perfect condition and partially defoliated Petra. Petra I think got less of that polluted water.
Still,it after that it slowly and totally defoliated.
It didn't die but it took a good amount of the summer before it sprouted new leaves. Even then the foliage is only 2/3 rds the size of pre "poisoning"
So its hard to say if my experiment was successful. I would have liked to see how they did minus the bad water.
But,I think if you REALLY know plants,you can get them to take a winter here. At least on a porch..something most homes have anyways.