Post Dorian

Nothing happened here, except making a huge mess moving plants around. I am still moving them back. If anything, I got some weeding and trimming done ahead of schedule. It could have been much worse. I got a breeze for a few days and little rain.

Any news from the east coast croton heads? This board has been very quiet recently - almost dead.
Phil we had almost nothing. It did push me into a cleanup and store some needed piles of (really good stuff)in a little more orderly fashion. Airlayering has gone well this summer. Lots of pots full of my little friends. Is there any talk of a fall meeting. Just a thought maybe you could talk the Glocks into another visit the last one was a great meeting a real high note memory for me. We could start a rumor that the G’s mentioned how they hoped to have one this Fall.
Fun and games