Petra Colors


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Here are pics of my Petra. The first 2 pics are from the part of the plant getting lots of sun. Last 2 pics show the shade colors. If I was to plant another Petra in a shade location will I get colors like the last 2 pics?


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Obviously, as you can see from the above, the more sun you give "Petra" the more yellow you're gonna get. Try one in almost full shade and it will go deep red. There is a pure yellow "Petra" by the way; it'll blanch in the full sun though.
Some one gave me what I think is Van Buren. I had it in allot of sun and it developed
what I called Halloween colors. The yard has change a bit and it isn`t getting as much sun as before. Looks like a completely different plant. More green.

This is quite confusing to a newbie.

I think I will be moving my Van buren :)
It's a crotons nature to keep us guessing. Petra, as common as it is, is a stunning plant in shade. It was originally hybridized for interior low light conditions.

That is so TRUE! They keep us scratchin' our haids wondering WTH? My two Petras are psycho. They pooped out in shade - and yeah, I'd heard they were specifically for shade - but when I put them out in 2/3rds day intense sun, they brightened right up. Practically on fire, but yes, very yellow.

I tried the yellow Petra and really didn't like it. Too green in shade, blanched in morning sun. I gave it to a neighbor. It's been making the rounds hehe - it had been given to me by a local nurseryman. Maybe they should rename it "fruitcake croton" :D
I am going to get another to plant in the shade. This one was in the shade untill I removed the Grapefruit Tree last year and had very little yellow color.
I amazed at the variability in my Petra. I've had my plant since 1982 - purchased at my local Acme! Being in Delaware, it is of course potted and so spends half the year indoors. The variability in it leaves must come from where I put it outdoors every summer, where it goes indoors in the winter, and how much of a pest infestation it gets while indoors (before I either kill the pests or get it outdoors again). All these factors - plus it's natural variability - make it look different every season.



But there seems to be a more perfect, more uniform looking Petra out there lately - or perhaps they are just grown in perfect uniform conditions (greenhouses)?

I was told it was a Petra by a few people (some on this board). But if it's a Norma that would explain why it doesn't look like the florist's Petra pictured below. Hmmm... that means I don't have a Petra !!! A new one to collect !!!

I looked up Norma in the Croton Book. I can see the resemblance so I will concur with you - thanks for the ID help! Well, if I want to add a real Petra to my collection, they are easy to find for sale, even up north here.