Peat pots?


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In the past I've bought crotons where each stick in the pot comes out of what looks like a peat pot. I've noticed that they never seem to dissolve and it's made me wonder if this restrains the roots from spreading out and growing or if it can eventually kill or stunt the plant. I've not tried to remove them, have any of you? Also, if a plant comes with several sticks (plants) in a pot is it best to plant them as-is, or is it better for the plants to separate them so the root systems can expand more? So sorry for what may seem like dumb questions. I'm full of them!:eek:
Hi ana
The peat pots should not be removed because it would cause more root damage than it is worth. This type of pot will be consumed by nitrifying bacteria in the soil. Roots have no problem growing in these pots and will not be root bound. Some growers use a product called Grodan to root plants,treat in the same manner. Happy growing Kip