Orchids As Weeds


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Well they are growing as weeds. But I guess technically a weed means it is undesirable - which these are not. But I do have to pull 'em up from time to time when they start coming up in some places.

These Nun's Orchids (Phaius tankervillia) come up almost everywhere - on tree trunks, on rocks, and logs. This time of year they all flower and make a nice statement throughout the forest.

IMG_2802.jpg IMG_2801.jpg IMG_2800.jpg
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Sure,sounds like a great orchid for all who read this site. Hardy to z9 I now read. I've been adding..orchid here and orchid there. I have no room for trees or large shrubs any longer. So,I sort of settle on small C&S or Orchid jewels. Or ferns.
Better anyways Dean,as getting older means not needing acres to dream about.