New Palmpedia Front Page


Staff member
I'm always working on making the site more exciting and enjoyable. I thought you may like to be alerted to the new feature on the Front Page.

I plan on adding other fun stuff like this in the future. I still haven't given up on the idea of an Online Magazine. In fact, it's in it's working phase. It's features like what you see on the Front Page that I intend on including in an online publication to make it dynamic, informative, and fun.

If anyone would like to contribute an article, I will be happy to spice it up with features like you see on the Front Page.

I am contemplating having several repeating features in each issue. They would include things like:

-Featured Genus or Species- An article on a palm you may be growing and have some nice pics, advice, or a story about it.

-Featured Garden- Some pics, history, and story about your little piece of paradise. Again, give me the story and pics and I'll make it into an interactive article. You can even include music, or a verbal recording. Anything in an MP3 format, we can include.

-Cultural Advice- Maybe a new product or technique you discovered. Or just as important, something that resulted in failure. Again pics/sound are welcomed.

-Palmy Places- A travel article on a trip to a 'Palmy Place' Share your trip with us. We can add links to hotels you recommend, gardens, surf spots, or whatever.

-Articles from IPS Affiliate Publications.

-Featured SlideShow

-A featured Audio Interview

-A featured Nursery. If you sell palms and would like to promote your nursery with some high quality photos, and a story or history about how you got started, and what you have to offer.

Anyway, you get the idea. Give me some content and I think I can create a real page turning high quality online multi-media magazine.