Multi-headed S.romanzoffiana

The rooting of the top of a palm looks to be uncharted. I have found it to be very interesting, and that has raised a few questions. Will the rooted palm attain normal S. rom. height? Will the palm continue to sucker? Will it flower without gaining normal flowering height? Will growth be slow compared to normal S. rom. growth? These questions will be answered in time. Any and all thoughts and questions are welcome.
I'm with you Scott.

I find the most interesting thing is not that it is possible to get new roots from the broken trunk, but that it continues to sucker. Is this a mechanical thing caused by external forces, or is it possible that the genetics have actually changed? That seems almost impossible, but not totally impossible --- I guess?????

If the genetics have changed, then any of those characteristics would be passed along in any vialble seed, i.e. a suckering Queen. Too bad it will take so long to get a concrete answer.
Have the genetics changed ?........ Interesting thought Dean. I also would think almost impossible, but then not totally impossible. This is beyond my field of expertise, but are we witness to the evolution of a new Syagrus subspecies ? I would think that flowering of the palm should happen pretty soon, after all isn't it really the age (est.20 yrs) of the original palm?
I don't know your answer to the last question. But another interesting one.

And if the genetics haven't changed, then what is prompting the continuing suckering of the broken head. I always thought splitting in Syargrus and Phoenix roebellenii was from a physical cause or "injury" of some sort. So is that cause still present? And is it is actually suckering? Then that would appear to be a different "animal" altogether.
But then what is prompting the continuing branching of the "mother" S.rom.? It continues to push out new heads after 6 years. My guess as of today of growing points in the top would be 2 dozen +. Is the physical cause or injury still in progress after 6 years?

Isn't the broken part still making new "shoots" as well???

Dean, Yes, when I potted the broken part in June it contained a total of 5 shoots. Now 5 months later 11 shoots total can be counted in the pot.
So, if I understand correctly, both the top of the mother plant and the part that broke off continue to generate new growing points.

How would you characterize this "division?," if you can? Are they "splits" from existing growing points, or actual suckers?

So, another question that only time will tell is whether the "new" plant will turn out to have multiple trunks, as opposed to just a big "bush" like appearance. I suppose this would have a bearing on whether it will flower and seed as well.
Dean, The sukering is like that of Phoenix reclinata. Here are pictures of the potted up plant showing the suckering. Picture #3 shows the potted plant, bar across the top of poolcage is 9' from ground.


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this is pretty amazing. good questions guys, I am too curious if the offspring after it seeds will be a clustering queen.

Scott, the queen was part of the landscape when you moved it correct? Was it always multiheaded, or did it start afterwards, any idea why it originally starting growing multiple heads?

If this palm still needs a home home I am heading south for Thanksgiving.
Luke, The queen was in its current location when I purchased the house. The queen was a very attractive normal looking palm up to six years ago. I have no idea what caused the multiheads.
UPDATE The palm lost more heads today. This has nice roots already and I have potted it up. Strong winds ripped this off. Last pic still shows more up there.


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And the saga continues.

Dean, The saga ends tomorrow as I will be removing the Queen. I think it is to risky to leave it as fallen heads are a danger to anything in my drive and to my, and my neighbors home. It will be neat to see up close what is going on up in the top of this palm. Maybe a few more rooted heads so the palm lives on.
The Queen was beheaded :eek: and taken down.


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Saved 4 clumps with some roots.


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This was the spot of the multi-headed palm. New sod replaces the palm.


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Well, that's a good place to end the first book "The Life and Death of a Freaky Queen," and begin work on the sequel.

"The Son of Freaky Queen," or "The Return of Freaky Queen," or something of the sort while we watch the growth of the new mutant.
Update on the Feb 2010 removed clumps from the fallen Queen....


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update: the 4 smaller clumps that were cut out of the top did not make it.
Update: 1 yr later. Total rootbound in pot, watering twice a day now. Next update,planting in ground tomorrow.


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I agree, really crazy.

Did you plant it Scott? Too bad I couldnt get down soon enough, maybe as it clusters even more it can be propagated?

Zeeth, did you ever get the second head?
Luke, I have yet to plant it. Dug out the spot (not ideal) but then offered it to another palm person, and a month later it still in my yard in a pot. It is not looking good (yellowing) at this time, can not keep it watered in this heat. I was going to put it in the ground this last weekend but it was just to hot to move it all the way to the back. Then it has stormed every evening when I got off from work so far this week. The second head is now pushing new leaves, but have not seen roots in the pot holes.
Scott, I'm finally moving down to FL. in 2 weeks. I'd love to have an Multi-Head Queen palm planted in my back yard. I'll give you a call when I get down there.

Scott, I'm finally moving down to FL. in 2 weeks. I'd love to have an Multi-Head Queen palm planted in my back yard. I'll give you a call when I get down there.


Glad to hear the move is finally going to happen. The Multi Queen is your Welcome To FL gift. :)