Mike Harris's fabulous crotons!


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Mike, I'd like to thank you for your kind hospitality this past weekend. Bert, Pete and I had an awesome time! Touring through your spectacular garden was surreal. I would never tire of walking around and looking at every plant and detail! Your crotons looked amazing, and I wish I had taken even more photos. Below are a few, and I hope all of you will check my guesses at id's. Please let me know if any are wrong, as I'd love to enter them in the wiki. I didn't look for tags, but Judy helped me with a couple- thanks, Judy. Here's a feast for your eyes! First set: Plaid Oak, Baron de Rothschild, Magnificent, Pride of Winterhaven.

Mike's crotons-2.jpg
Mike's crotons-3.jpg
Mike's crotons-4.jpg
Mike's crotons-5.jpg