Majesticum,Daybreak and Queen Emma??


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I am a little confused with Majesticum.See pics of the similar but different plants .The plant in the middle is what I had been calling Majesticum but
Jeff ,Moose and Jose have now confirmed to me that the plant in the middle is not Majesticum but something else.Jose said it could be Queen Emma
but there are no pics to compare.The differences between all 3 are substantial.The plant in the middle is very slow and does not color up as much as Daybreak and Majesticum but it does have much longer leaves.Daybreak and Majesticum are much faster than the plant in the middle.I had a good look at Jeff's and Ron's Majesticum and they are identical to the plant on the right with I had previously been calling Picturatum but I have now renamed as Majesticum??I will be bringing all of these to the auction next month .Anyone who has seen Queen Emma please let me know if the plant in the middle is Queen Emma??


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Mike, Did you take a look at the Queen Emma photos in the wiki? If that is really a Q.E. in the wiki, Q.E. is a green and yellow. :confused: Search Queen Emma in the forum for a little talk on the plant.
Its hard to tell from pics, but the one in the middle is the one I have known as Majesticum. The one on the right-- I dont know what it is. I have Queen Emma and it is green and yellow.
Mike, for what it's worth, I got a majesticum from Phil a while back and it looks like the plant in the middle.

By the way, we'd love to see single photos of your plants. I know they're not huge yet, but I'm sure they are beautiful nevertheless. Please show us some of your beauties! Singly, though so I can capture them for the wiki. That daybreak is gorgeous. Maybe you can start with that one?;)