Licuala peltata var. 'sumawongii'

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Based on recent discussion and comments from Dr. John Dransfield, it seems likely the palms pictured are Licuala peltata var. sumawongii. To quote him directly: "As far as I know, there are no photos of the real Licuala elegans - in any case it is probably Licuala pumila. So anything you see with a huge entire leaf named Licuala elegans is not, repeat not, and for one more time, not Licuala elegans, but Licuala peltata var. sumawongii."
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Of course you are right Kim. And that will be corrected.

I am guilty of using the name 'Elegans' myself. It rolls off the tongue in a way the other does not. But I guess unless we all start using it, nothing will change. When Jeff M. was over the other day, he was using the correct name. So, he was doing his part. :)
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I was really surprised by this, having made the mistake of thinking the L. elegans on the Kew list was the same as the entire-leaf Licuala shown in the photos, so I've been using the wrong name for a couple of years, completely oblivious to the correct name. (I seem to specialize in looking foolish...)

It's been so long since I did any editing here, I don't remember how to add a name under a genus on the main page, or I would just do it, move the photos, create a forwarding link, etc.

Yes, that is a long name to wrap brain and tongue around...
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Of course you're joking about looking foolish. As soon as any of us would ascertain that someone is looking foolish, it is soon destined to be their turn. Karma is wonderful when it works. :)

I'm re-doing the whole way in which the species are organized and created. You can have a look here at the Dypsis.
Then there is a "Genera Page" here. I'm only through Dypsis completely.

It's a little hard to explain, but it's a better system for several reasons. The main one being just the addition of the "Category Tag" places the page alphabetically on the "Palm Genera" page automatically. You can see the simple syntax while editing. If the genera has already been created it's staightforward. Creating the Genera Page is a little trickier, but soon most will already be created. Only problem is I haven't figured out how to include the little icons we used in the other list.

Feel free to try it out, or anything else you may wish to play with. (another Hint, Hint) :) Remember, everything can always be rolled back, so don't worry about 'looking foolish.' :)
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Karma, it does work now and then.:) Maybe you missed my ID of papaya as mango...:eek:

I like the new organization! A bit more user-friendly I think, better visually.

I have a lot on my plate through the end of the month, way over-committed, not likely to get a lot done re: "hint, hint", sorry! Maybe a few pics. But I'll be around, and I'll be back.