Landscaping with Bromeliads


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Hi Everyone! I'm fixing up an old bromeliad nursery I recently bought. I randomly got hired to do a landscaping job, so I decided to use mainly bromeliads. I wish I took a before picture, but there's the after. It's still not done completely, but I think it's coming out good so far. I think it's a good example of how bromeliads work in a fancy landscape.

I added some cordyline red sister as a backdrop. The trees are bottlebrush boyette, which will grow fast and look really amazing in a couple years I think. I'll be adding that sedum as a ground cover.

After adding the sedum. A better angle.

The bromeliads used here are Alcantarea imperialis, Neo. Jeffery Block, Neo. Martin, and Neo. Candy Apple. They can all handle hours of direct sun if properly adapted to it.

How big is your nursery, where is it located? I love neos.

My nursery is in Bonita Springs. My green houses are 25,000sf combined, but they're only about 1/3rd full right now. I'm working hard to fill them up. The place was very run down when I bought it so it's been a lot of work getting it up and running again.
Here's another example I just finished, in a more shady area. For foliage there's Mrs. Iceton Crotons for a hedge, more red sisters with some auntie lou's mixed in for tii plants. The ground cover is mondo grass and dwarf mondo grass. The smaller bromeliads with the flower stalk are aechmea "Del Mar" and the larger ones in the round area are Aechmea "Blue Sapphire". The red ones under the blue sapphires are neo. maria.

20161215_161337.jpg 20161215_161404.jpg 20161215_161441.jpg 20161215_161452.jpg
Nice landscaping with those Bromeliads!
I have added many to my collection this summer and have to remove other plants now that the weather is cooling to get on with a overall new landscaping.
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