Identification assistance in Cambodia


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Greetings, all! Newbie here, amateur horticulturalist in the U.S. before relocating to Cambodia, and I'm new to the palm scene (the entire tropical plant scene, really). I have a nice apartment with a balcony that was populated by the apartment's previous inhabitant, and I thought I might avail myself of the collective knowledge of this group to get a species identification on the two palms that were present when I moved in.

The first is feathery, clumps, with no central trunk. I've heard "butterfly palm," and I imagine it's a fairly common species as I've seen it absolutely everywhere around town (Phnom Penh, specifically).


The next two are kept in larger (100 gallon) pots. They have feathery leaves, a smooth ringed trunk (woody at the bottom but progressively softer as you get up closer to the areas where leaves have recently been shed). No information on fruit or flowers, sorry. Also, apologies for the quality of the pictures - the balcony isn't really large enough to offer a good position from which to get full vantage of the plants.





Anyone have any clue what these might be?

Also, bonus, I'm pretty sure it's NOT a palm, but this thing was up there too. Thoughts?



Thanks for your assistance - I'm sure these are super common and identifying these will be a walk in the park for you, so I appreciate the help!
Hi and welcome,

You're right - hard to tell definitively from the photos, but I'll give it a try.
First one looks like a Dypsis lutescens - and it is known by several common names, one of which is "butterfly palm."
Second one could be a Chamaedorea species.

You may wish to click on the Wiki tab at the top and go to the Palm Encyclopedia. There you can compare photos and learn more.

You are right, the third one is not a palm at all - but one of the "palm look a-likes" - of which there are many. I don't know the right name, but it is one of the tougher desert type plants. Maybe someone else has a name for you.
Welcome to the forum! Cambodia is one of my top destinations to travel to some day. Dean's right on the first one, but I'm leaning towards Veitchia spp. for the second. I wish the pic's were clearer and could enlarge them.

The last plant is a Draceana Draco from the Canary Islands I have two they are very stout trees and will grow very robust eventually splitting off and forming new shoots. They are Mythological going back to Ancient Greek Mythology. You can goggle it and read all about them good times you have the perfect climate to grow these as they are an endangered species so enjoy.