ideas again.


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Simple but nice? I'd appreciate any ideas. Leaves about 9-10 inches long. Thank-you. Ana


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Oh, I hope not Mike:(. I also got this at Palm Hammock and they usually have nice plants a bit on the unusual side I think. In person, this plant is not drab to me as if it did not have enough sun or too much. I did notice that the leaf shape is like my Petras, but the color is so uniformly gold with pink in some leaf veining. I was hoping for something like Joe Friday or Cornbread or something? Shucks.
Looks a lot like Petra to me also. I ended up with another pot of them last week to get another Yellow Petra that was growing in the pot of three. Here are a few shots of some of my Petras.
Wow, I paid a pretty penny for a very small Petra then. No other Petras around Palm Hammock Orchid Estates. I have quite a number of Petras Scott, this just seemed different, but none of their plants were labeled. Employees, who were pretty plant savvy did not know either. I know the leaf shape is the same as Petra, but are there no other crotons with the same leaf shape? I'm just hoping!