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ID Requested please


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I want to thank both you and Rickey for responding. I had already looked through Frank Brown's book and didn't see it. My croton has more of a point on the end. I will post another picture that might show it better.


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I guess you all are right! Thank-you much. Someone pointed out the picture MR on pg. 75 is mislabeled. I knew that was not what I had, the UR on that page looks more like it.


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Oh no, Crazy for Crotons, are you trying to drive the Plant Nut nuttier? :)

Seriously, I just want to attach the correct name to the cutting or air layer when I pass it on. I am sure, I am not the only one that realizes too many of the same plant are turning up with "made-up" names...
I have high hopes for this forum; it will help a great deal. Thank-you again to all the wonderful collectors that responded...
I am on the same page as you are... I was impressed that you cared enough to check your plant again and get back to me. So, maybe I don't have Harvest Moon, after all. Perhaps some others will chime in and help me out or should I say us? :) Maybe you don't have Harvest Moon either! :):):)

It really shouldn't make any difference to me; I don't sell plants; I just buy, buy, buy! (sick, sick, sick) I mostly trade or donate to plant societies. So, I think it would be nice to know the correct names.

Warm wishes to you...