I'd like to get a copy of Christian Papers, etc.


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When I read the information Bren placed in some of the wiki entries that came from various sources such as the Christian Papers, Reasoner's Nursery, etc., I find it most helpful in learning to identify a specific croton. However, this information is of course, only available for a limited number of crotons. I would like to learn how crotons are identified. Does anyone have any of the above or any other similar resources? I saw a short article once that described a few crotons not only by color and leaf shape (giving a number to describe leaf shape), but also described what type of growing conditions they liked, i.e. 50% sun. I've also seen reference to crotons being described as Type E, etc. I would find these things very helpful in learning about different varieties.

It is a shame that with all the resources in this day and age, and all the experience in this group, there is no similar reference or information for the myriad crotons available today. Do you think this could be done in the wiki? Why or why not? Certainly this group is capable. You all are the John Benders and Frank Browns of the present and future. The problem is, how do we energize and organize ourselves to do it? Does anyone else think this is important, or do photos seem to be enough? What about plant growth rates or sun preferences? Any thoughts?
Anna, A copy of the Christian Papers and other interesting articles are found in the Wiki. Check out the Croton Articles and Information pages.
Ana, Open the Croton Encyclopedia in the Wiki. You will see a list, Crotons Names listed Alphabetically, Crotons by Leaf Shape and Croton Articles and Information. Hope that helps.