ID Help Please


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I saw these at nursery in Homestead today. There was a bit of material that looked like it had been sitting in these pots for quite some time now, but these two caught my eye. I'm thinking the green and yellow is (Mrs.)Fred Sanders, but the leaves were on the small side, and I did not really see any pink petioles. The other one I at first was thinking Reagan, but then I was seeing possibilities for Madame Fernand Kohl. Not really sure though. Any input would be appreciated. CAM00087.jpgCAM00086.jpgCAM00088.jpgCAM00089.jpg
Alright, Tim, I know I wasn't the person you were hoping for on this, but for the first one, why not just plain old (not Mrs.), Fred Sanders? I think the one with the red petioles in Jean Frances Fascell, no? And to me, the second looks like Madam Fernand Kohl. My two cents worth:eek:.