Hoffmannii species, collected in Brazil

When I was touring the Burle Marx garden during the recent biennial in Rio many of us were very impressed with a hoffmanii that looked like a (sp) Patagonia. I was fortunate to find a plant in flower, collected 2 seeds that turned out to be pods with about 60 seeds in each. I was surprised that
most germinted and are growing beautiful.
I would appreciate any information on growing hoffmanii. I know some folks in Cal are growing several varieties, I guess that there are many. Here in Hawaii I don't know anyone growing these. I can't wait until they are big and beautiful so I can spread them around.
Anyone out there growing cyclanthus or asplundia species plants?
Aloha, Don Sanders
aloha Dean,
I really think that Palmpedia is a wonderful site and I enjoy it very much. It was your posting of the thread on Patagonia that prompted me to respond. I do not have a camera but trust me; mature, the hoffmannii rivals the Patagonia and is very similar. If you want to try to grow some, call me at 324-1386 and I'll give you some to experiment with. I live in Holualoa near the K. Komo store.
Hope you are well. Hope you are not too dry in Kaloko. I had 62 for a low the other night. Winter is on the way!
Aloha, Don
Thanks Don,

I'll give you a call one of these days and come check things out. I'll see when the girlfriend has a day off, because I know she always enjoys seeing out of the ordinary plants.