Hibiscus flower in a Hibiscus flower.


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I was just reading and looking at photo's of this Hibiscus new to me. It might have been on Dave's Garden and I did not bookmark that plant. I'm interested if it grows in California. As described it was a smaller bloom in the larger bloom and a creamy orange color. I have a Rose that color. Very nice.
So,if you do know what that unique Hibiscus is,do you know cultural info?.
Dang- just read that 2 days ago. Maybe it was Grows on You plant board. Bad memory. Moose might be on to something...
I can name the A's starters 1970-1974. Cant remember that Hibiscus.
Angela said that is much to vague of a description. But try this --- Google "Double Hibiscus" and look at the images. I'll bet you see your flower there somewhere.

Was it something like this?

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The first one is THE one. Wild looking. I googled hibiscus flower in a hibiscus flower and got nowhere. No wonder!
That is the coolest Hibiscus flower I've seen. So far...
I'm glad I could help. I believe this is a type of hibiscus known as a Japanese Lantern Hibiscus. Google "Japanese Lantern Hibiscus" for some photos of many others. I have no idea how hardy they are. But I can tell you they are a very easy and vigorous grower here in Hawaii - getting moderately large - and with many flowers. I would think you would have a chance at least in a pot where you are - bringing it in on the coldest nights.
It should be good to go in ground. H.rosa sinensis is very hardy. I've never heard or seen a lantern style flower. Really a secret up to now.
I've seen H.rosas sinensis in Oakland about two stories tall. Must have had a small tree trunk under all that foliage.
In Hayward there is a nice variegated H.rosa sinensis planted in a front yard a friend told me. I got to ride over there one day.
Stan, if you ever end up buying anything from me off the auction site, I would be willing to throw in a cutting or two of that Hibiscus (free) if it could fit in the same envelope or box. I think it roots easily.
The Bizz palms are a good deal. But if I went for a more sure thing like the variety of Ti plants- would that leave room?
The other palms would be just too tender. I can see growing them for years- then all gone on one winter night.
You can PM me.
The wife? I can hear "More plants?"..then when that Hibiscus is in flower? Shows all her friends. Like the back of my hand I know the routine..lol..
Stan - I put together the Ti variety pack in order to fill the small flat rate box. So no, I don't think there would be any room left in that one. But keep watching. I will always have a cutting for you. So maybe wait until things warm a bit - it might root better.