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Hey, Scott, or anyone, can you turn this beautiful photo right side up so I can enter it correctly in the wiki? Thanks! I really do need to learn how to do it. Care to take me step by step? I'm pretty computer dense.

Anna, I will turn it in a bit. :cool:


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Anna, I am lucky that my camera turns my photos for me. You can use a online photo editor to turn photos, try its free and easy.
Thanks Scott and Randy! Scott, I will try the website to see if I can figure it out. I am not terribly optimistic, but I am getting better, so I should go in with a good attitude. Thanks, I will try later on today or tomorrow when I have more time. Ana
Here Anna. should be full size. I use Paint. If you have windows probably every version has it in accessories in the start menu. You can resize too large photos or just about anything else. Chris


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Scott ..I didn't realize you had already turned the picture in full size. I'll try to pay more attention next time.