hello and thanks!


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Hi! I'm a new member on this site and I just wanted to say that I've spent hours going over the first five pages of this forum looking at all your incredible croton photos and getting a little more hooked on crotons! I thank you for spending the time to post the gorgeous pictures and sharing your knowledge with those of us that are just getting introduced to crotons and their diversity.

I have a few crotons and I'd like to learn to grow them better and perhaps expand on my collection. I hope to ask for your advice and experience little by little so that one day my specimens will be as lovely as yours.

My first question is: I have just acquired a few air layers and a couple are long, single sticks. Do I cut the tops off to encourage branching or will this happen on its own? The two I'm thinking of are a Buddy and a Davis#7.

Thanks, and hope to get to know all of you better!

#@%$#@! keyboard quit in the middle of the msg. Working OK now...

At any rate, Welcdome Aboard!! When pinching the tops, keep the croton juice or sap off your clothes since it stains indelibly.
Thanks for the welcome Phil! These two plants were potted and are now planted in the ground. When you say pinching the tops, how much do I take off? Just pinch the new leaves that are coming out or a few inches- or does it matter? Thanks for your response, I will watch the croton juice.
Just pinch off the new growth. You could cut off more if the plant is leggy. It doesn't matter how much, as the plant will heal & send out multiple growth points.
Thank-you, I will just pinch off the new growth. I'm assuming I can do the same to all my crotons to encourage a fuller habit? I have a very slow mona lisa that is just a Y. Would it benefit from pinching off both new leaf tips or is it too slow to set it back that much? Thanks in advance (is it Randy?)!

Welcome to the word of Crotons Anna! You have come to the right place for Croton info. I still think of myself as just getting into Crotons (4yrs) as I am always learning and seeing something new.
Hello Anna,

Welcome to the forum. If you like crotons, this is the best site to come to. A lot of good collectors here that are more than happy to share their experiences.

Thanks for the nice welcome Scott and Jeff. Soon I hope to figure out how to post photos so I can get help with a couple of ID's. Any source that you all have for ideal culture tips for crotons to get the best color in my plants?
I just cut these back a few months ago and you can see 3-4 new shoots each branch.Bushy in now time as spring approaches


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