Hope it's okay to post this here. I am looking for Haleakala cuttings, either from a member who may have some available or a reputable seller. I've purchased twice w one online seller and both times I've received dehydrated, wrinkled logs Etc. I've tried to rehydrate in water or liqiid seaweed but haven't had any take. If anyone has some cuttings or can suggest a seller I'd really appreciate.

Thank you all for your time and help.
Can you post a photo of what you are calling Haleakala. A Google search brings up all different kinds of plants.


Large leaves and tall growing.
Those look really good. How does the auction site work? I'm willing to give it a try. Thank your for your help and relies.
Just go to www.tropiscape.com and register. Click on "Auctions" in the top menu to view the auctions. Everything else should be self explanatory.

I will go ahead and post 4 'logs' for $12.50 (plus shipping - $6) and all you have to do is bid on them. If no one else bids, they can be yours for that price. I won't cut them until they ship - can't get any fresher than that.