growing crotons from seed

Perry Edge

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Does anybody who has had good luck with growing croton seedlings have a few tips you would like to share? Most of my attempts have had "failure to thrive" syndrome

Keith Hanks has mastered this. Perhaps he'll chime in with some tips.

I have more crotons going to seed this year than ever before. Although I never cared much for new hybrid seedlings, I'm tempted this year to start my own farm.
1. Collect the seed; I use a mesh bag; see pic.
2. I'm told by several other knowledgeable croton heads that croton seed has a very short life - approx 30 days. So no holding it over a winter while waiting for warmer wx.
3. I'm using Miracle Gro potting mix; probably a lot of other good ones out there too.
4. Seeds go in about 1/8' - 1/4" deep max, get lightly covered and watered in. Keep soil moist and keep seedlings out of direct sun.
5. The current batch sprouted within 30 days of planting. Only one or two out of the entire batch damped off or failed to thrive.
6. Then wait 1-5 years to see if anything nice develops....


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that is a good idea to use a mesh bag to collect the seeds. I always see the seeds and then forget about them and come back later and they are gone.
I use pro mix, but any good potting mix should do. I plant them with-in days of them popping out of their pods. I plant them deep enough to cover the seed. You have to plant a lot to get a few that might be good. I have about 500 now, but will be dumping about 400 soon. I will grow out the other 100 to see what turns out.