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Another one of Stan Wood's spectacular plants. This is what I call Goldilocks. There are other entries in the wiki for Goldilocks, which is what Fairchild Gardens called this croton. Any other names this goes by or anyone beg to differ?
Sure look the same to me from the pics. Note synonym for JF is Brilliantissima; so this would be a yellow Brillinatissima. Same plant whatever the name....
Anna, That is incredibly beautiful. Does Fairchild have this plant in the garden? Marnie

Marnie, I think this plant used to be in Fairchild, but my understanding is that it was removed. Does anyone know?

Hi Anna there is a very nice picture of a Yellow J F with the Joe F page.

Lamar, when Peyton posted that I wondered the same thing, but he said it was a regular Zanzibar just that it had so much new growth it had so much yellow. If you look carefully, you can see there's red leaves in there under the yellow.