Fertilizer for crotons


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I was wondering what you all do for your crotons in terms of fertilizer? I generally put palm fertilizer down for all my plants, it works well.

Lately I have been using Liquid fertilizer for Azalias I think it was, I started doing this after seeing the results on another members plants.
I have been doing this almost every weekend for about 1.5 month now, and I have noticed a dramatic difference. The colors on my crotons are extremely vibrant, and leaf size is ginormous!

What do you all do, any suggestions on something else that works well?

I fertilize the entire garden, once a year, with two bags of 12-6-8 from Bushel Stop. Nothing special for any of the plants - tough love in the garden.

I know Jim and Judy Glock give their croton collection the same liquid feed about once a month. Between the pure sand and coral rock their growing in, a drip irrigation on each plant, maybe a slight saltyness in the air and this liquid feed, there's no better looking collection of plants anywhere. Not the biggest collection of crotons, but their collection is the nicest grown you will ever see. It's a shame they live so far south from everyone.
I've been using a controlled release 8-2-12+4Mg plus minors (or a close variation of it depending on price) for several years in a yard that is densley planted with palms, a few bamboos, and crotons. Soil is natural and dredge sand ammended with lots of mulch over the years. Annecdotally, I have heard that those who use a liquid fert on their crotons regularly and often get better looking and more vigorous plants than those of us who do not.

i know this has always talked about but here again is there a time to stop fertilizing i have always dropped fertizer on my grass and all plants around the 1st of october is this to late for the crotons?