Fall Colors


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Thea and a Thea seedling, Alley Cat, Pinocchio, President Reagan

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I always enjoy seeing your Thea in the garden. Hopefully the auctioneer will have a nice one to auction off on saturday. I have a blotched sport on my Thea that is now in a pot. Early on it looked like it had potential but now it's so so. Maybe this next summer I can jump start it with some TLC.
Sorry, Jeff, the 3 cuttings I grew this summer from Thea all went in the ground in my garden. I have one in full sun to see what it will do and two more planted at the foot of a very tall Orange Geiger.

Anna, since you are bringing plants for the zoo, I'll start an airlayer off my Thea for you. With the cold nights coming on, it will probably take a couple of months until I can pot it up, but I'm sure there will be a gathering of croton collectors in the spring.
Ricky, that's so nice of you to do that for me. However, I actually purchased a Thea at the last Searle sale. It's not as large or beautiful as yours YET, but I'm hoping some day! Let Thea be and recouperate for a while. Sounds like she deserves it and you want to keep her as gorgeous as ever. What I'm bringing is no big deal. Lots of you all have given me plants. I just want to give a little something back. See you tomorrow:) and thank-you. Ana