Exclusive Advanced Screening-The Marcus Garden Tour


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A special pre-release version for Palmpedia readers. This is the first of five parts of the Garden of Jeff and Suchin Marcus. Jeff was gracious enough to spend several hours with me touring his one of a kind garden.

With his usual enthusiasm he has taken the time to sit down and tell us about all the things I saw as I walked around and took photos.

There are more to come. But I wanted to reward those who visit Palmpedia regularly, and to get some feedback to help make the following parts better. This first one is longer than we would have liked, at 53 mins, but with the exciting material that you won't see elsewhere, it goes quickly.

Please note: Don't forget the Full Screen feature if your computer and internet service can hold up. It's not that demanding, but you can pause (to help out) if you wish, which will allow the loading to proceed - in which case you can skip forward if returning for a second viewing.

I just got finished watching the entire thing. Dean, thanks so much for doing this. Jeff's commentary is priceless and the photos are book quality. Wow, wow, wow!!! I can't wait for the next installment. Damn, I want Bentinckia condapanna!
If it were possible to be speechless in typing format then I would exercise that option. But I will echo two of Jeff from CR's comments, wow and bring on the condapannas. I have spent some money with Jeff and Suchin over the years and I feel even better about parting with it to see that they are doing great things with palms out on the big island. And for the record my Loxoccocus made it through it's first year or so, here on the east coast of central Florida. Thanks Dean!
Thanks guys,

As mentioned, there are five parts, and Part 2 is "in the can," so I can make it available shortly. There are some really exciting palms in Part 2. Heck, there are some exciting palms in all of these. Part two has some really rare New Caledonia palms. And then, in Parts 3 and 4, we get into some of the monster Dypsis.


Don't forget, that if you let it buffer a bit you can grab the "slider" and move ahead, so you don't have to struggle through a section you have already seen.
How about an hour ago. :)

Check the same link above for the second installment of the Jeff and Dean Show. Although this one is mostly Jeff and his fabulous palms. Not as long as Part One - at 26 mins, there is some really neat info and palms in this one. Plus we are getting a little better sound as we keep refining some things. I think you can even hear my stomach grumble at one point, as my mic was resting on my stomach as I sat here. :D
Now that's fast! Thanks Dean, I just finished watching part 2. Just incredible!

Too bad Jeff doesn't ship to Costa Rica. I would be keeping him busy.
Glad you enjoyed it. But don't hold your breath on the next installment. :) It may be a couple of weeks.

Yep, too bad you can't come up with a way to get some of Jeff's plants. It's incredible the variety and quality he has.
It was great seeing Jeff's collection at the 2004 Biennial but he was so busy with all the guests that you could not hear his stories and descriptions that well. Your video/pic tour made it seem like he was giving a guided tour one on one, well one on two with Dean coming along.

Great project.
Thanks John,

Wait 'til you see some of these big Dypsis. Many of these photos will be going into the Encyclopedia where you will be able to easliy reference them, and be able to zoom in for detail in Hi-Def.

And I'm looking forward to the Palmoramas as well. If Jeff is willing, I'm working on a way to add his commentary to the Palmorama and have the experience of standing with Jeff as you look around/up/down and zoom in with 3D-360°.

I just finished watching the entire video. Wow! You did a great job and Jeff's collection of palms is the best in the world. It was great re-living this as I was just out in Hawaii a few weeks back as you know visiting here at Jeff's garden and spending time with you as well. Your quality of pictures were very good too. I for one really appreciate you taking the time in putting this all together.