East Contra Costa County Palm List


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Using Palmedia, the web, and other sources, I created a list of palms that should grow in my area, some easy, some with careful placement, some that will only make it with microclimatization, some that are truly zone pushing.

When I started this effort, I thought it would be a fairly short list, as the 9b we have here has characterisitics of cold dry winters, with extended hours under 30 degrees, rain only from late October (as a rule) through March. We have extremely hot dry summers, over 100 degree days on the average about 15 days a year. Many times the temps do not get below 80 at night here during our summer heat waves.

The list is around 150 species, with some that should have been included that may not have been.

My first draft will follow......happy reading, if you are so inclined.
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