Dypsis robusta

Please do, although I can't say I know with certainty what is what. If you upload, let us know (if you can) where they are from, or any other info you can provide. That would help some of the 'experts' to identify.
Jeff Marcus had a photo in his presentation of the identical palm at the identical location along with a definite name from Dransfield. But I will double-check that and then check one more time before loading the pic and posting info. I posted a bit on it here:


I have 5 or 6 photos of the palm, it's a stunner.

Edit: Turns out the pic and discussion of this palm was in the last half hour of the talk that I didn't manage to record, so I can't verify if that's what he said, but it made a distinct impression on me because I knew the very palm he showed and spoke about.

Check out what is shown as Dypsis "white stem" in the Encyclopedia.
It looks like the same sign - you can see a little of it in the pic. Gary and I were "hoping" a bit back then. Looks like I need to change that ID. :)

If you have a nice pic or two, I'll make a Dypsis robusta page now that I think we have some pretty good info.

I know that you have a few other nice pics as well. Some of your D. onilahensis were really nice if I remember correctly. ( hint, hint) :)