Dolores or Delores? Is Carow same as Corot?


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I've just posted a photo of Dolores to the wiki, but I've seen it spelled both ways. Does anyone know if it's with an o or with an e? I want to get it right. Also, I noticed there's an entry for Carow. Is that a real named croton separate from Corot? Last question- Coppinger's Hybrid- is that the real name? I know there's been some talk about other possible names such as Mr. Little, etc. If you know any of these answers, please respond! Thanks. Ana

Marie Nock

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Dolores was named after Dolores Fugina by Richard Button. Brown's book lists both Carow and Carot but I think the croton was named after the artist Corot. For Coppinger's hybrid you could list aka Mr. Little as that's what Tim Anderson called it because he got his plant from Mr. Little who is pictured in Brown's book. Johnny Shelton has called it Cutler's Gulfstream so that could be another aka.

Phil Stager

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Definitely Corot after the French painter Jean Baptiste Camille Corot - frequently mis-spelled as Carot, Carrot, Carow, and probably a few more.