David McLean has passed away


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Few people will ever possess the wonderful teaching ability and sparkling personality David McLean brought to his classes. I was lucky to have gone through his entire program at BCC and even luckier to have worked for him for several years, on and off. His passing is a great loss for the horticultural world and the universe in general.
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So true Randy, Nell and I have know David for years. He called me that croton guy, always a smile and a good word. He will surely be missed.
Nice article, Ricky. Unfortunately I never met him, but remember you mentioning him a number of times in GW posts. Sounds like he meant a lot to you.

I rember David from when he did an air layer demonstration at a Society meeting at Kurt Decker's nursery, many years ago.
David was a very close and dear friend of Andrea and I. I first met David in the fall of 1976, I had just graduated highschool earlier that summer and just enrolled at Broward Comm Coll. to get my AS degree in Horticulture. Hard to believe it's been 38 years now! David was not only one of the most knowledgable plant people I have ever known, but his humor and stories he had were infectious. I truly just lost a very good friend. You will be missed my friend.