Dark Knight


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Dark Knight shows up in the garden shops often here in FL. This one has a good black color on the 10" x 2 3/4" leaves. I grow it in a few hours direct sun as to much sun fades the leaves.
Are you sure it was Dark Knight? HD usually sells the more common Black Ribbon.

yup, my plant looks exactly the same and it was labeled on their pot (okay I just checked my pot it's "Black Knight") ... unless they mislabeled them which won't be a first. there's 2 home depots near me and I stop by both regularly since they're so close. this is what I've seen there so far .... auntie lou, red pepper, black knight, xerox

I bought the black knight and red pepper, normally the ones at HD are real ratty looking, or i'm just looking at what's leftover, so I never got around to getting the others
That's great. Need to see if mine has these. This version has wider, more tropical leaves and does well,here. The very common Black Ribbon doesn't grow as nice.
it's one of those things where you just have to figure out what your HD and others in the area carry. i know the HD in huntington beach carries a decent variety of bromeliads, and i've read alot that some of the HDs in the SD area will carry Chambeyronia species or some other dypsis