Cyad Identification???


Hi everyone, I am looking to Identify this Cyad I bought from a guy with a van at a Florida gas staion 2 plus years ago. It is a SLOW grower thats for sure. The fronds are about a foot long and have one sharp spine at the end of each one. His name is Alfalfa and I would like any information that you experts can give me about care, and soil mix for transplanting into a bigger container. I am hopeful someone knows exactly what this is and possibly where I can get another? I am thinking it is some variety of an Australian Cyad called Xanthorrhoea. It is different than the ones I saw online so maybe it is not this type at all?? I have no idea, but I am moving from Virginia to Ft Myers Florida in two months and I would like to put this plant in a bigger decorative pot and get another companion plant that matches. I also have a sago palm and read that they are dying from a scale in Florida, will this plant be susceptible to scale aslo?? I plan on keeping them inside our home?? Thanks for any info guy and gals, I appreciate your input; Kenny


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Thanks for helping Matt.

I didn't know what to tell him other than, "That ain't no cycad."

I think we may have a budding rare plant collector here that doesn't know it yet. :)

Ken, does this look familiar enough?


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Thank you guys, yes that looks to be what I my question is that the one in the photo looks like it is planted deeply, mine has a large portion of the " trunk " out of the soil. Should I plant it deeper when I get around to transplanting it?? Also Agave is a cactus correct? So should I use basic cactus soil when I get to Florida and repot it?? OR Does someone have a good soil mix for this plant??
Yes, cactus mix is perfect. And it's best to just keep it at it's current soil level.

As you may imagine, these can tolerate heat/sun and drought. Cold and wet is not something they like. And if you have a choice between sun and shade, the brighter and sunnier the better. However, be cautious when moving any plant from shade to sun if the leaves have matured and become accustomed to the shade. They will burn.
Thank you so very much Dean, I appreciate the info...I think when I get to Florida in May I will start getting some nice exotic plants...maybe another Agave like this one and some type of Cycad too!!!...I once had a cactus collection, but too many moves and my wife " taking care of them " killed them off. These plants seem very hardy and I like the fact that they are phehistoric in nature....Very awesome that the agave shoots up a large extension after ten years and then will seed and die. Very dramatic and unusual. Thanks again for the informative posts; Kenny