Crotons grown at an old Texas nursery


These days every nursery in South Texas has thousands of crotons for sale and just about every one of them is imported from Florida. But rewind to 15-20 years ago or earlier and that wasn’t always the case. There used to be a nursery down here that dated back to at least the 1950s and propagated everything they sold themselves, and what they had was generally well adapted to the local conditions. They had a range of crotons, you could pick up the usual Stoplight and Eleanor Roosevelt but looking through my old pictures there are some I am not 100% sure of. Some look like Rheedii, FDR, maybe Mortii etc but I’m not completely confident that’s what they were. Would appreciate any advice as to what some of them might be. They’re very crowded together so there are leaves everywhere.



Group photos not the best for photo ID but here goes:
Pic#1 I see Prince Philip in middle and Rex in right foreground
Pic #2 Andreanum at far upper right; Coppinger type plant in foreground (Golden Glow or FDR)
Last pic is Picturatum
Phil, thanks for the IDs. Any ideas on the left plant in pic #1? I figured it was a washed out Stoplight, they can do that here if they defoliate. It’s something like the largest crotons in this planting (taken in Brownsville pre-2011):