Crotons from seeds. "Yellow Quirka" + "Nervia"


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My first experience in hybridization:). Ten seeds were sown, only one seedling appeared:).

I cross-pollinated “Yellow Quirka” (name for croton # 6, 7 in Australia) and “Nervia” #8 or “Eureka” (commercial names in Holland)

It had been always dark green with very rare spots and I was about to throw it away. But I liked the leaves’ shape and saved it as I hoped to use it in hybridization in future. Only in 4 years I saw red and dark contrast. I think that leaves will become more narrow and brighter outdoors.


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Thank you very much, Ricky! It’s an important comment for me. I think that varieties should have their first real names and don’t like this confusion with commercial names.
Sergey, great hybrid, nice leaf shape. I asked my Russian friend at work about
Siberia, the first thing he said was- its freezing cold there! Im amazed at how
large your collection is, I would never have guessed anyone would be growing
crotons in Siberia! Keep up the good work.
that is a cool looking leaf shape.

What kind of temps and humidity do you keep in your greenhouse?

I have a few volunteer seedlings coming up recently. I'm hoping they provide something unique as well.
Dave, thank you! Temperature is 80-90°F (28-32°C). Humidity is high, but I’ve never estimated it.
Good luck with your volunteers! Hope you will post their photos soon!