Croton meeting this Saturday, August 15th

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Joann Woods' Garden in Lakeland, FL on Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The meeting will be hosted by Joann Woods at her home in Lakeland, FL Address: 2605 Smithtown Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801 Time: 11AM—1PM Cold beverages and a light lunch will be served following the garden tour. After lunch a plant auction/sale will take place, with all proceeds to benefit the Croton Society. Please bring at least one plant for this event. RSVP to Joann by Saturday, August 8th - 863-398-3120 or email:

I think Connie took photos. It was a small meeting but the hosts were very gracious. The most unusual crotons for auction were Shirley Temple, Rose Charmer (Charmer sport) and Captain Kidd. If I recall correctly, the highest bid was about $20 for the Shirley Temple and Phil's Thomas Edison.

The garden is located in Lakeland which can get pretty chilly in winter. That said, there were a few large Avocado trees around so it may be just warm enough to support a long term croton collection.

It was a great meeting. Everyone had a good time. I had emailed some pics to Rick to post yesterday since I'm still very new to this. However, since I uploaded the Fishbone pic with success, let's see if I can get a couple posted here. They aren't the best pics, but better than nothing. Right?


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