Croton ID needed please


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Picked this up at local big box. Nothing in wiki based on what is labeled on croton (purposely withholding to see if there are experts matching this ID).

I appreciate your thoughts

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It appears to be AFD#5, sold in the big box stores as "Fantasy". I thought, at first, that it might be Van Buren, but there are no spots on Van Buren.
They are selling those down here in Key West too. In addition to the AFD#5 or Fantasy, they are selling some called Oakleafe in 7 gallon which also look quite similar to the photo.
Thank you both for your thoughts. I will wait it out a few more days to see if anyone guesses what I think is the incorrect labeling for this croton.

It is a nice croton for sure and is currently in the ground - hiding under some bouganvilla and Syagrus romanzoffiana over-head cover.

I appreciate you!